Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04

Kernel Version: 5.8.0-48-generic

To use PHP as your local server, you have to install the LAMP stack first. Also, there is XAMP, I'll use LAMP to show the pure server-side in Linux. Firstly, you have to install Apache2 with dpkg package management system:

Once the installation is finished, you have to update your firewall settings to allow HTTP(HyperText Transfer Protocol)traffic. UFW(Uncomplicated Firewall)has different application profiles that you can leverage for accomplishing that. To list all currently available UFW application profiles, you can run:

Output:Available applications: Apache Apache Full…

Note: This writing purpose is understanding gradient descent, not logistic regression. And gradient descent isn’t good optimization technique for Logistic Regression. Best technique to optimize logistic regression is MLE(Maximum Likelihood Estimation).

Gradient descent — is one of the most popular algorithms to perform optimization and by far the most common way to optimize neural networks. It is an iterative optimization algorithm used to find the minimum value for a function.

Logistic Regression — is a statistical model uses sigmoid(logistic) function for binary classification.

Eldaniz Babayev

Software Engineer

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